Action Pact: An 80s Wonderland Project

I came up this this project before I heard of the movie Kung Fury, but after seeing the movie Olympus Has Fallen. That flick was like a throwback to the insanity of 80s action flicks. I made a song about how some action heroes are just good at all aspects of fighting, and military specialties from all of the branches of the armed forces.

Just a short theme song.

I made one song, then another, then another, all based on cliches or tropes from action movies using over the top Hair Metal riffs and drums.

My favorite track from that project (Still in development) is Never Reload aka Konami Code.

Have a listen:


To hear more about the project check it out on soundcloud.

Unbalanced Available Now


Chuck Spears, in his first world-wide solo release, Unbalanced, aims to bring the conflicting elements of his Id, Ego and Super-Ego into cohesive function. Formerly known as A.B. Do Well of New York underground hip-hop group Sight Beyond Light, Chuck Spears has returned on his own writing and producing tracks ranging from satirical to serious to create a unique sound that reaches listeners on an emotional level.

Tracks like A Spear Chucker Now, All Night and Drop It 1 Time represent the Id, his wants and desires, while Bottled Up, Change the Name and A Good One are critiques on controversial issues that weigh heavily in the Super-Ego. Trying to make sense of the world around him and just being a rapper, the Ego is represented by tracks like Off Brand Loyalty Up Y’all and That Good Money. The tracks are generally about two to four minutes long with punchy and insightful lyrics.

Unbalanced is being supported with Chuck Spears distributing physical CDs at the street level and performances at open mics and colleges first in theNew York Tri-State area.

Please get in touch with Baqi at for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of Unbalanced.

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Bottled Up! available on Bandcamp


The Crisis in Flint, Michigan is abhorrent. This track is a criticism on a system that would make a decision that would poison a community that it’s supposed to serve.

The Single is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Still researching which organization best helps the people of Flint. Part of the proceeds will go to providing clean water to the people of Flint, even if i have to walk there with it myself.

Creating in a vaccum.

Artist BG-4

For the past few years I’ve been focusing on creating music and only posting it on souncloud or other music streaming sites/apps, but now I’m unleashing it on the world, hand to hand,  iTunes and other media. Reaching out to other artists for collaborations, etc. Doing more shows won’t hurt either. Book me. Play me. Show love.

Chuck Spears’ new single Off Brand Loyalty is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

Bottled Up
Available on Bandcamp.